The Daily Purbodesh is one of the most modern and widely published newspapers in Chittagong. Though The Daily was published from Dhaka before and after the independence of Bangladesh, its publication had been postponed for a long time. In 2012, Smart Media Limited, a sister concern of the country’s leading industrial group ‘Smart Group’, has taken over the ownership having been registered as The Daily Purbodesh in Chittagong. On 12th December, 2012, The Daily Purbodesh has been published with great enthusiasm from Chittagong for the first time and got reader’s wide acclamation within a miniscule of time. In the quantity of circulation, The Daily Purbodesh has achieved the 2nd position among the Dailies published from Chittagong. After publication, The Daily of ‘Smart group’ has been playing crucial role in disseminating education and building the society in rural and hill track areas in the Chittagong Division.