SMART BioINCEPTION LTD. (SBioL) has recently started its journey to bring an innovative change in the food sector of Bangladesh to ensure better health through emphasizing on home-grown biotech basedraw/finished products and processes through utilizing cutting edge technology. SBioL promises to create a platform to develop skilled manpower with technological expertise in biotechnology for achieving the national sustainable developmental goal (SDG).The company has ensured available funding, intellectual abilities, sufficient collaborative approach between stakeholders to make the next generation food products available for a healthy life. In this context, SBioL is intending to work in both local & global arena through complying the BSTI, FDA, WHO, ISO- 22000/2005,& ISO-9000/HACCP protocol to bring utmost prosperity inhealth security &safety. The idea of innovating food products using indigenous resources and transmit them to industrial venture is obviously new and first time in Bangladesh.

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