Smart group is greatly determined to enhance the socio-economic condition of mass people. hence, We initiated multifarious ventures in “Banshkhali”, one of the coastal areas in Chittagong which is natural calamity prone area as well. We patronize lot of humanitarian schemes to help the destitute, so that they can get rid of their sub-human condition.

Our ventures at a glance:

To remove the darkness of illiteracy, we established several educational institutions. These are:

  1. Master Nazir Ahmed Degree College, banshkhali.
  2. Ambia Khatun Mohila Madrasha, Banshkhali.
  3. Master Nazir Ahmed Government primary school, Banshkhali.

We aim at creating a balanced generation for future.

  • We established “Master Nazir Ahmed Trust”, the mission of which is to eradicate the poverty and to enhance the quality of life of people living. For social development “Master Nazir Ahmed Trust” drives a scheme called “Allowance scheme for destitute & Old people”. Moreover, we patronize to build 45 houses for homeless people every year in Banshkhali by this trust.
  • We, with deep respect built many mosques in different corners of “Banshkhali”. So that people can perform their prayer and other religious activities smoothly.
  • For health safety, we provide fund to set up tube well for drinking pure water and hygienic sanitation system. We arrange medical camp twice in a year for serving the under privileged people with free treatment, medicine etc.
  • As Banshkhali is a coastal area, Its communication system always been affected by flood, cyclone and other natural calamities. We patronize to construct the destroyed communication system and provide fund to reconstruct of huts of the poor people.
  • We have taken a crash program for tree plantation in different area of Banshkhali to decrease the effect of environmental pollution for better healthy life of people.
  • We established an orphanage to ensure proper education, health care, entertainment etc for orphans. Our aim is to give them a nice and sound future life.

Smart group is supremely determined to ensure job security, amiable job atmosphere for the employees. Moreover, The company provides some extra care and facilities for employees and their families as well.