Since the year 2000, SMART Group has grown from a small business entrepreneurs into a leading multidimensional social and diversified global business entity. Over the years we have successfully diversified our business from garments into fabric manufacturing, print media, Real State, Logistics, Chemical, Energy, life style in fashion, financial service and so on. We have already expanded our business in collaboration with renowned Netherlands based company – Pronk Paticipate B.V.

The diverse range of our products with ensured standard quality service and most efficient managerial skills have made the company a market leader in the respective sector of its operation. Now we are one of the leading employment providers in the country having over 25,000 employees in our group.

Our real strength comes from our commitment to the society. We honor our commitment to all our patrons and make a significant contribution to the stakeholders whom we serve. We want to continue our work for betterment of our surrounding community by providing opportunities and creating an environment that drives efficiency and productivity.

We are grateful for your support and contribution.

Mostafizur Rahman